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radium_eyes's Journal

30 September 1992
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Well, hello. I'm Amanda. =3
I be a one and a four. Its sad, I know. But I will have a one and a five on september three-ohh, two-thousand-and-seven. Cool, huh? Yeah. Not really.
So what else should I put here? Not boring stuff like that I'm a freshman, love music, drawing, writing, singing, playing guitar, playing Flashflashrevolution, Dance dance revolution, and guitar hero. Oh, no no. That is far too boring. Almost as boring as...oh...I don't know, say...

Diet coke with lime is my favoritest drink every. And 96.2% of the time you may happen to talk to me, I will be drinking it. Pringles are kickass. I swear a lot, its depressing. I have 0g transfat? ohemeffgeenowai!!!

<.< Yeah. Boring stuff.


Repeated use of Amanda may result in fainting, fangirl[boy] screaming, extream hornyness, hyperness, and/or depression, stomach pains, headaches, death (we got pills to cure the death) and in rare cases, loss of your butt virginity. If you feel the strong need to light something on fire, consult a doctor as soon as you are done burning your homework. DO NOT mix amanda with yaoi/yuri, glowsticks, glue, tape, energy drinks, and/or pixi sticks.

Amanda is not recomended for children, pregnent women (or men, whatever floats your boat ;D), or drug addicts. Amanda is an external product only, if ingested please consult your poison control center as soon as possible.

Do not use amanda for more than 30 minutes at a time. Do not use for more than two hours a day.