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Why I Love Brett...

I swear. He writes the best poems ever (in my eyes)

I mean....

Bondage Bitch

Look at you
Sitting there
Doing a little dance in your chair
I love to watch you sing along
Swinging your hair
Watch out!! Don't fall!!
Wanna talk all night long?
Hold my hand?
Please...come on!
Maybe a hug? Maybe a kiss?
Fine I'll give you a hug...
...A hug with a twist
Wrap you in chains
Call you a bitch
Grab your throat
Bite your lip
Bet you wish you gave me a kiss
Or maybe a hug...
A hug with a twist?

I love that. He gave that to me and I just like...tackleglomped him. It was really funny.

Raging Needs

LICK your lips
BITE your tongue
LOOK no touch
SHIT!! lets FUCK!!

Chain me down
Beat me up
I'll Grab that leash
Show you rough

BITE your lip
SUCK your tongue
BITCH!!! lets FUCK!!

That just made me smile real hard too. It was quite a nice thing to find. =]

Yes. I just love him. Period.

Getting Caught

Title: Getting Caught


Rating: I don't know. I'm just going to say R just in case. =]
Warnings: Not beta'd, slight,slight BDSM-ness, spanking and such, swearing...guy on guy action. I think thats about it.
Disclaimer: If Ryan and Brendon were doing this stuff, I deffinatly would not be sharing with any of you, I would be keeping all the yummy-ness to myself. Unfortunatly, they aren't doing any of this, this is just some made-up story, therefore it can be shared.
Summary:   "Oh! Sir, I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean to fall right into your lap. Are you okay? I think I twisted my ankle, oh, no, what am I to do? I guess I’ll just have to sit here on your lap, huh?"


"Ryan? What are you doing?" a voice that was too close for Ryan’s liking.

"Reading," came the reply, though it seemed as if he had been talking to the book because he hadn’t bothered to look at Brendon when he replied.

Brendon tilted his head to the side and look around for a moment. He grinned and fell onto Ryan, making it seem like an accident. "Oh! Sir, I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean to fall right into your lap. Are you okay? I think I twisted my ankle, oh, no, what am I to do? I guess I’ll just have to sit here on your lap, huh?" Brendon said, all too quickly to be even half believable. He looked down at the book Ryan was holding, "So, what are you reading?" He asked.

Ryan jumped and flinched as Brendon ‘fell’ on him. "A book, Brendon, I was reading a damn book," snapped Ryan as he threw the book on the ground, giving up. Brendon had been annoying him for the past twelve minutes now, and he couldn’t take it anymore. "What do you want from me, Brendon?" He asked, looking across the small road. He leaned back against the brick wall of the school, shifting under Brendon’s weight. It was the last day of finals before summer break, and Ryan and Brendon both had a study, so Ryan decided to go outside so he could read in peace without the chatter of all the students in the lunchroom, but of course Brendon had followed him. Ryan has now come to face the fact that when Brendon was around, him reading would be close to impossible.

Sixteen year old Brendon frowned. "All I want is for you to pay attention to me, Ryan," he pouted, "You never pay attention to me. You’re always reading, or talking to someone else, and when you do pay attention to me its just because you’re yelling at me!" he fake-cried.

"Oh, you’ve got to me kidding me," Ryan moaned, rolling his eyes and laughing. "Brendon Urie, you are full of shit," Ryan laughed.

Brendon put on a shocked expression, "Oh, that hurts, Ryan, that really hurts deep down," he said, hand over his heart and nodding his head. "That’s it, I’m an emo puddle of black, bloody tears now. See what you’ve done to me, Ross?" Brendon said.

Ryan just laughed and shook his head, "An emo puddle of black...bloody...What the fuck, Brendon? Where the hell do you come up with this shit?" He asked.

A laugh came from the younger of the two. "I’m just that damn good," he said, with a light shrug. He started to get a bit bored with just sitting on Ryan’s lap. He sighed and started wiggling around, trying to get comfortable.

Ryan let out a light yelp when Brendon started wiggling. "B-Bren? Could you, um, stop that, please?" Ryan asked as Brendon ground his ass into Ryan’s already awakening cock.

Brendon grinned, rising an eyebrow. "Stop what?" He asked, grinding into him again, "This?" He asked, in an innocent tone.

"Yeah!" Ryan exclaimed, "Yeah, that, stop that...Please?" He asked, shifting under Brendon again, though he found that to do more evil than good, seeing as how it only caused the friction to increase. He let out a soft whimper.

Brendon laughed when he felt Ryan’s erection against his ass. "Getting excited, are we?" He mocked.

Ryan whined, "I hate you so much right now,"

Brendon turned so he was straddling Ryan. "Well, that’s not a very nice thing to say," he said, leaning into Ryan.

"Brendon, no...Don’t even think about it, not here," he said, sternly. There was no way Brendon was going to play his little games right here. In back of the school. With the vice principals window no more than ten feet away.

"Come on, Ryan, it’s the last day of school. They wont say anything..." he purred, nibbling on Ryan’s ear.

Ryan let out a gasp when he felt Brendon’s teeth nipping at his lobe. "Y-yes they will...Brendon–Oh!" He let out another gasp when Brendon ran his finger across his stomach where his shirt had ridden up a bit.

Brendon shifted positions and pushed Ryan back so he was laying on the ground. He straddled his legs now, lifting the shirt up a bit more, brushing his fingers across the flat stomach.


Brendon leaned down, pushing the shirt up as far as it would go without taking it off, now. He ran his tongue across the stomach, then waited for a reaction.

"Mmm...Okay, Brendon, you win..." Ryan said between short gasps.

"I thought so," Brendon said, running his tongue over Ryan’s stomach again, eliciting a short moan. He continued doing this, tongue sliding down into the older boy’s naval every-so-often, earning himself more of Ryan’s beautiful moans. He felt Ryan’s hand come down and twine itself through his hair, pushing Brendon into his stomach a bit more. He licked and bit at the soft flesh a while longer, before coming up and then attacking Ryan’s mouth.

Ryan moaned, kissing Brendon back, hand still gripping Brendon’s hair. "Ahh!" he cried when Brendon’s hand wandered down to his bulging pants, palming him. It didn’t take too long for Ryan to cum, messing in his pants. It took him a moment to realize what he had done, and he groaned. "Ew. Brendon! You asshole!" he yelled, pushing Brendon off of him.

Brendon laughed, laying on the ground next to Ryan, holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

"Its not funny you bastard!" Ryan yelled, pouting now.

"Well, I’m sorry you have no self-control, Ryan, gosh," he said, through giggles.

"Well, I’m glad you find it so fucking funny," Ryan spit, sitting up straight, and scrunching his nose up in displeasure at the wet feeling in his pants. "I hate you so much,"

Brendon shrugged, "You’ll get over it," He said, also sitting up, trying not to laugh anymore, but failing miserably.

Ryan glared at Brendon, he lifted his arm and smacked Brendon hard across the face. "Asshole," He murmured. Looking away now. He focused his attention at the bay that you could see across the hill. He wasn’t thinking about the disgusting wet feeling he had in his pants, and he certainly was not paying attention to the way Brendon was grinning, or at the fact that the younger of the two of them was now standing, rubbing the side of his face.

"So that’s how you want to play, huh?" Brendon asked, finally snapping Ryan out of his little trance. He bent down and grabbed a hold of Ryan’s hair, pulling him up so he was now standing as well.

"Ow! What the hell, Brendon?!" Ryan nearly screamed, pushing Brendon’s hand away and rubbing his head where the hair had been pulled.

Brendon didn’t answer, he knew from previous experiences that Ryan loved it when he was rough, so he wasn’t worried about him getting any more mad. "You’re being bad, Ryan," Brendon stated. "Bad boys need to be punished..." He grabbed Ryan’s arm and pushed him against the wall so that he was facing the bricks.

Ryan started to push away from the wall, "No, Brendon, no way. Not here. Please don’t...You’re lucky I let you-" he was cut off when Brendon’s hand came in contact with his ass and he let out a yelp.

"Shut up," Brendon said, slapping Ryan’s ass again, harder this time.

"Ahh...N-no, Brendon, please not here? I promise when we get home we can do whatever you want just-" He was cut off again by a few more slaps. He let out a whimper, that soon turned into a moan.

"Bitch...I said shut the fuck up," he repeated, hand colliding with Ryan’s back side several more times.

Ryan gripped the rain gutter that was near him, needing to hold onto something. He let out another whimper. "Brendon...We’re," moan, "...We’re going to get, ahh, caught..." he managed to get out.

Brendon grabbed Ryan and turned him around, slamming him back into the wall. "Fucking. Bitch." He mumbled, slapping Ryan across the face this time. Of course, none of this was actually meant to hurt Ryan. No, Brendon would never seriously beat on his boyfriend. But he knew that Ryan just happened to be one of those people that got off on this kind of stuff.

Ryan flinched, whimpering again. Gods how he loved this. "I’m sorry, Brendon," Ryan whimpered, looking at Brendon through eyes that were only half opened.

"Good," Brendon muttered, turning Ryan around again, spanking him some more.

Ryan went back to gripping the gutter, moaning a few times. By now he had totally forgot about the mess he made in his pants. A few minutes, and a very sore ass (not to mention hand) Brendon was done.

"Have you learned your lesson, Ryan?" Brendon asked, turning Ryan around and softly caressing his cheek.

"Yes, Brendon, I have..." Ryan replied, leaning into the caress.

"Good boy," He said, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on his lips.

The two remained standing, holding eachother, neither of them noticing their vice principal standing right outside the door, erection clearly showing through his pants, a look of death (and a hint of embarresment) spread across his face.

Pillow Fight

Title: Pillow fight
Rated: R? I guess?

Pairing: AkuRoku
Summary: " "Beg for it..." Axel ordered, fingers still working their magic."
Warnings: Handjob, blowjob, swearing. I think that is it. Oh, and I need a Beta reader, so, yeah. Fear the mucho mistakes there will be that I missed. o:
Disclaimer: So...I don't technically own Axel or Roxas ( -tear-). But it could happen? Right?

"You can't write the same song over again, its in the same key, over again, yeah..." The words flowed smoothly from the sixteen-year-olds lips, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. And by everyone, that means the other slightly older boy who was laying down on the bed.

"Hey, Roxas? Who sings that song?" A red head asked.

"Um, The Higher, why?" He blond replied, though cocked his head to the side.

"Maybe you should let them sing the song, then?"

Roxas' jaw dropped "You jerk!" he shouted, throwing a pillow at him.

"Oh, you want to start with that, huh?" The red-head asked, grinning. He got up and grabbed the pillow, hitting Roxas in the arm with it, not hard enough to hurt, obviously.

"Ah! That’s cheating!" Roxas whined, "I don't even have a pillow!"

"And who's problem is that?" Axel asked, hitting him with the pillow once more, laughing a bit when Roxas let out a frustrated groan.

Roxas rushed over to the front of the bed and grabbed a pillow, though a much smaller one than Axel’s.

Axel rolled his eyes at the pathetic excuse of a pillow that Roxas was holding. Really, though, what was a tiny, star shaped pink pillow going to do against his big, white, feather-done pillow? Not much, that’s for sure.

Roxas used the time that Axel was thinking to his advantage, and whapped him over the head with the girly pillow.

"Oh, you little cheater, you will pay for that," Axel stated, dropping his pillow and staring at Roxas, an evil sparkle in his eye. A grin formed on his lips as he started moving closer to the boy. "Roxas," he started, grin still visible, "I'm going to make you regret doing that," he moved closer, "I'm going to make you beg for me to stop," He taunted, now mere inches away from a quite stunned Roxas.
"Shit!" the blond nearly yelped as he started to run to the other side of the room.

Unfortunately for dear Roxas, he was too slow and Axel had caught him around the waist and dragged him to the ground. He started tickling Roxas before he could even try and get away.

"Aha...A-Axel...hehehe. No....S-stop!" the few words managing to get out through all the giggles.

"Beg for it..." Axel ordered, fingers still working their magic.

"No...No way!...Not gonna ha-- ahh!" A new wave of giggles errupted from Roxas' pink lips. "A-Axel...I can't. Oh my God I can't breath!" he laughed.
"I don't care, beg, Roxie, beg for me to stop," The taller of the two ordered, still tickling the squirming blond boy that was beneath him. He crawled so that he was straddling him. "Beg for it, baby, you know you want to," he mumbled, in a sudductive tone, now.

"Please!" Roxas finally choked out. "Please, please stop!...I'm begging now, please stop!"

Axel grinned, quite proud of himself. "Now, Roxas, have you learned your lesson?" He asked.

"Yes...I have learned my lesson," came the reply, the boy still trying to catch his breath.

"Good boy," Axel stated, ruffling his already messed up hair.

"You're still a jerk," Blondie muttered, blue eyes staring into sparkling green ones.

"Oh, I know, but just remember, I'm your jerk," Axel replied, 'Who can make you beg, scream, and writhe whenever he wishes' he thought, grinning.

"Ew, what are you grinning about?" He asked, then changed his mind. "Wait. No! Don't answer that, I don't want to know."

Axel laughed, "I could show you, if you'd like..." He suggested.

Roxas sat up on his elbows, "Oh, would you, now?" He asked, leaning up and brushing his lips softly against Axel's.

Axel responded to the kiss by pushing his lips back against Roxas' with more force. He pushed Roxas back so he was laying back down flat. His lips crashed against the youngers, one hand that was not propping himself up resting softly on his lovers cheek.

Roxas' left hand wove its way through Axel’ss mass of red hair, kissing back with just as much force now.
Axel pulled away from a second, needing air. He stared down at his young lover and smiled.

Roxas smiled back, then took a hold of Axel's hair, and roughly pulled him closer, smashing their lips together once more.

Axel moaned when his hair was pulled and quickly reacted, kissing Roxas back, tongue exploring the already memorized cavern. He took Roxas' bottom lip between his teeth and bit down on it, a moan escaping from the swollen lips. He then started sucking on the lip, easing the pain from the bite.

A pair of arms wrapped around Axel’s waist, followed by a tug that was a but harder than needed. Their hips collided and started grinding together.
There was another short pause for air, and Roxas used this time to flip them over so that he was on top. He roughly ground his hips into Axel's, and bit down on his neck. His tongue ran over the area of skin that was bitten, and started sucking on it, repeating the process again, until a decent sized bruise appeared on his neck.

"Oops," he mumbled with a grin. Their lips met again, a moan escaping the redheads lips once more.

"I love you..." Was mumbled, and they were flipped over again.

Roxas wrapped his legs around Axel's waist in an attempt to bring them closer. "Mnn...I love you, too," He whispered against his lovers soft lips. He reached down and pulled Axel\pard ul ’s shirt up over his head, the same was done for him. Not even a second later, his arms were pinned over his head, and his neck was being viciously attacked.

A loud moan was elicited from Roxas' throat when Axel bit down so hard on his neck.. This was followed by a few sighs and whimpers from the swollen lips. He grinded against Axel's hips once again, getting frustrated with the annoying clothing that was keeping him from his prize. But no, Axel just had to restrain him from using his hands. "A-A-Axel...please...make the pants go away?" He begged, out of breath, "Please?"

Axel nodded his head and let go of Roxas' wrists, now removing both of their pants, grinning once he saw that Roxas didn't have boxers on. He moved down and wrapped his skilled lips around Roxas' painfully hard erection.

"Axel!" the boy yelled out, panting. "Axel...oh-my God!" he moaned, grabbing a fistful of read hair and pushing his head further down, seeing as how Axel had already thought ahead and held Roxas' hips down.

Axel managed to get more of Roxas in without gagging himself. He pulled away and licked the tip, then slid his tongue all the way to the top, then back down, earning another loud moan from Roxas. He took all of Roxas back into his mouth, sucking a few more times, then Roxas came and he happily swallowed all of it, making sure to get every last drop. He crawled back up to be face-to-face with his blond lover and kissed him, letting him taste himself.

Roxas let out a moan when he tasted himself on Axel's tongue. He reached down with his right hand and took a hold of Axel's erection, stroking it just with his thumb a few times, causing Axel to whimper. "Roxas..." He panted, thrusting into the boys hand.

Roxas thumbed the slit, and Axel came all over his hand while screaming Roxas' name. He brought his cum-covered hand up to his lips and licked some off, closing his eyes and moaning.

Axel felt himself already starting to get hard again from watching that. "Mmm...Roxas, baby, as much as I'd love to...No more," He mumbled, yawning softly.

Roxas nodded, wiping the rest of it on his sheets. They got up and fell back onto the bed, curling up next to each other. Axel reached down and pulled a blanket over the both of them. He could tell that Roxas was asleep already, and he smiled, listening to the soft breathing for a couple seconds. "I love you," He whispered softly, and soon fell into a peaceful slumber as well.

Well. That was the first time I've ever written any kind of smuttyness at all. 

I dunno if it is just the way I think that is kind of like...woosh, but, Roxas just seems like the singing type. (To me, anyway. But, yeah, I have lots of weird-ass looks on things.)


Role play intro - Jaden

"Nick...Can you please go wake up Alex and Lexi? Tell them to hurry up and get ready," a boy asked, grabbing a few bowls, a gallon of milk, and three boxes of different kinds of cerial.

"Yeah, sure..." The one named Nick answered, as if this was going to take all of the energy he had left. 

"Thank you!" the first boy called as he went up the stairs to get his other two siblings up. He walked into a room that was half pink and half blue. He made his way over to the blue side of and looked at the little boy curled up in a large pile of blankets in his new 'big boy bed'. 

"John," He said, softly, but loud enough for the four-year-old boy to hear. "John-John, wake up," He said, nudging the boy softly.

"No," John whined, softly, "I dun wanna get up," He mumbled, sleepiness in his voice.

"Come on, John-John, please wake up? You have to get ready..." The older of the two pleaded. Imagine that, a seventeen-year-old boy begging and pleading with a four-year-old to wake up instead of just telling him to get his ass out of bed. What a whimp.

"Jaden...Lemme sleep five more minutes?" John asked in a voice that was way too cute for five in the morning.

"Alright, you better be up by the time I wake your sister up," Jaden gave in, with a sigh, of course. He walked over to the little girls side of the room, looking into the crib. He reached in and carefully picked up the one-year-old, the baby squirming a bit. Two seconds later crying and screaming echoed through the room. "Oh...Lexi, I'm sorry...Shhh..." Jaden cooed, trying to calm the still-screaming infant. He looked into the crib and found her nook **, and put it in her mouth, calming her immediately. 

"There...Thats better," He stated, pushing a piece of light brown hair out of his face. He held the baby on his hip and walked over to a small dresser, pulling out clothes, a diaper, and a pack of wipes. He changed and dressed the now happy baby and took her over to John's bed. "Lexi, wake John-John up," He said to her, softly, placing the small girl on the bed next to him.

After he got everyone up and ready, he loaded them into the purple mini-van that he was forced to share with Nick. Jaden dropped Lexi and John off at their baby sitters house, and Alex and emily off at a friends house, the friends parents would bring them to school in a few hours. And then finally Nick and himself off at the high school.

"Nick, can you pick up Lexi and John-John up from the baby sitters house after school? I have something to do. I'll just walk home when I am done..." He requested, praying that Nick would agree.

"Whatever," the slightly younger of the two replied, walking off to join his group of friends. 

Jaden wouldn't deny that he was jealous of Nick. He had all the friends, the clothes, the looks. And it wasn't that Jaden didn't have good looks, but Nick could pill of anything. Today, for example, Nicks black, longish hair was obviously not brushed, and he wore a pair baggy black pants that had chains hanging off of them, a black wife-beater and a lime-green fishnet top. And he looked amazing in it. 

Jaden sighed, old scuffed up black sneakers scraping against the cement path that led to the back of the school. He found an area of grass that no one was sitting in yet and plopped down. He pulled his knee's up to his chest and rested his chin on said knee's. He looked down at the pants that covered his legs and rolled his eyes. They were old and loose faded blue jeans. He shook his head hazel eyes looking up at the sky, smiling when he saw the ominous black clouds. Surely it would be pouring rain in another fifteen minutes.

He leaned back so that he was laying on the grass, closing his eyes. He had another twenty minutes before school started, and a nap sounded pretty good at the moment, considering he had gotten about four hours of sleep the night before.

About five minutes later a few drops of rain landed on Jaden's face, one landing on his eyelid. He groaned and opened his eyes, sitting up straight. So much for a nap...

The 5'7 boy yawned, stretching his arms, causing the plain black t-shirt he was wearing to ride up a bit, revealing about a half an inch of his flat stomach. He should probably head inside the school before he got soaking wet and sick...Yes, it would be very bad if he got sick, then he wouldn't be able to take care of his siblings, and god knows what Nick would make them do. (For some reason the image of Nick ordering the younger children around like slaves popped into his head)

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, maybe he would stay for another five minutes, just until it started to rain really hard.

Okay, so, I kind of wrote this in fourty-five minutes in my Photography class today. Its okay, considering I haven't made a new intro in ages. Jaden isn't like the rest of my characters, it is quite amusing. It seems like something is missing but I don't know what It is, yet. I will figure it out though, oh, trust me, I will.



Yep, so this is my first entry, wonderful isn't it?

Ah, yes. I feel special.

I dunno what I'm going to make out of this, yet.

I might post some of my fanfictions/other stories. Something like that. Not now because I don't have them typed up

So. Yep. Not much interesting in this entry. 


I might type up one of my stories or something. Perhaps...

Might do it on the laptop though, the desktop's keyboard makes so much noise, it is SO annoying. -tear-

Anyway. Is anyone going to even read this? I don't see why they would, I can be a very boring person if I choose to be.


Shit. =[ I want some too.

Arg, that sucks royaly (like, worse than my hacky-sack skills. D=) 
Oh well. I'll get it later.

Okay. Bye.




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